Our Values

  • Local Economy: By buying and selling locally we help to strengthen our community’s ability to take care of itself.
  • Letting nature work for us: On our farm we focus on using plants, animals, and pollinators that are adapted or native to the region.  We incorporate the natural landscape and weather patterns into our long-term farming design and strategy.
  • Knowing firsthand where food comes from and how to grow it: The general population has largely forgotten the art and science of producing food and the cultural history that surrounds those practices. ReZoNation Farm is a tiny yet successful example of how diversified family farms can reestablish and protect traditional farming knowledge and reintroduce our towns and cities to the origins of clean food.
  • Efficiency: We work for small successes by strategically stacking the innate functions of the various farm elements like honeybees, trees, and garden beds in relation to sun and shade patterns.  We are very conscious of our water, land, and energy use.
  • Understanding the True Cost of Good Food:  Today’s economy and policies value quantity over quality.  Through complicated pricing mechanisms and policy-supported subsidies, quality has been removed from our food and access to Good Food – the kind found in the typical backyard garden or farm stand – is limited.  We talk about the real and total production costs of Good Food compared to what’s available in the industrial food system, and why it’s imperative that those costs be accounted for.