Santa Fe Style Vigas and Roof Drainage

Come every January/February an ideal maintenance chore on every home should be to seal any cracks along roof lines where these sorts of gutters or faux vigas (fake wooden pole rafters) meet the stucco. Over time the stucco shrinks away from the metal or cracks, and wooden vigas are guaranteed to crack and split along the top where they are most exposed to the drying sun since they are usually made from the heart of small trees that aren’t good for much else. Those cracks create entry ways into the wall or roof and need to be filled with a silicone sealer or other (preferably slightly flexible) material to keep swarms out.

When the bees encounter poor air flow or have built a hive in a spot that they didn’t anticipate would overheat their honey combs can collapse. Sometimes the bees recover, and in more extreme cases, sometimes they abscond or swarm out. If there are a lot of hives in the area this sort of thing attracts robbing bees which have a tendency to sting (but usually not en masse) so you’ll want to be protected or stay clear if you notice large numbers of bees fighting over the honey.